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This site is worth a visit if for no other reason to see how far out the extreme is on the industry side. It's even occasionally funny, perhaps more so than its author, Stephen Milloy, is aware, because of some of the outlandish scientific bloopers it contains.

Milloy purports to be a defender of science by identifying "junk science." His background gives clues that the real reason for his work lies elsewhere.

Steve Milloy wears several hats. While the author of the junk science home page, he also is listed by Washington Representatives (1996, Columbia Books, Washington DC) as a lobbyist in the employ of the EOP Group. EOP Group's clients, according to this source, include the American Crop Protection Association (an industry lobby for agrichemicals), the Chlorine Chemistry Council, FMC Corporation, the International Food Additives Council and Monsanto Co..

Milloy is listed as the representative for the Fort Howard Corporation, the International Food Additives Council and Monsanto Co. He has also recently written a book published by the Cato Institute in which he argues that public health professionals and scientists exaggerate public health claims to obtain funding.

Milloy's true colors shown brightly in 1999 when he rejoiced in his website over the death of Dr. David Rall, founder of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and renowned public health leader. Rall was never afraid to take on large vested interests that threatened public health. Milloy found fit to attack him after his death: "As far as David Rall is concerned, he was a bad guy when he was alive. ... Death did not improve his track record." Milloy wrote similar comments after the death of Senator John Chaffee.